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Security, Stability, Service, Sustainability, and Strength

"These are the qualities that make a community truly thrive. Removing even one of these pillars can throw a society into chaos. I've been listening to the people of the 27th Legislative District, and they are ready to create the type of community we can all feel proud to call home. The incumbent was given the opportunity to restore and fortify these pillars of society, and we have seen the devastating results of their priorities. If you want to see real change, I encourage you to choose a new representative that will take YOUR priorities to Olympia" ~ Ashley Ray


Secure Community

Policing and Justice System

Addiction and Mental Health

Crime Prevention and Justice for Victims

Stable Economy

Lowering Taxes and Program Performance Audits

Inflation and Supply Chain Disruption

Business and Worker Friendly

Schools that Serve

Academics and Performance Focused

Complete Transparency and Parental Rights

Ending Tax Payer Funded Activism

Sustainable Infrastructure

Responsible Land Management

Functional Public Services

Roads, Bridges, and Tolls

Strong Representation

Respecting Citizens Rights

Governmental Accountability

Representation of Community Priorities 

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