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Pierce County Republican Party

Ashley is one of the most intelligent, and thoughtful candidates for office I've ever met. She is running for Senate in the 27th, and could make a huge difference over the stale, failed policy appointed Democrat who is trying to hold the seat. - Dave McMullan, Pierce County Republican Party Chairman

Richard Hayek

27th District Community Member

"As someone who has been a local resident and community supporter for 24 years, I strongly endorse Ashley Ray for State Senator in the 27th District because she has the knowledge, experience, and commitment to identify and serve the needs of the district residents."

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Washington State Young Republicans

Ashley believes that all community members should have a voice and a seat at the table, and believes that a truly educated and active community will bring us the best community wide results. Ashley is deeply committed to the community she has always called home, and wants to break through the division so we can all rise together.

Leah Amyakar Ed.D.

27th District Community Member

"Ashley Ray has researched the important issues before us, and she will bring a strong conservative voice to state legislation."

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